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Friday we got to decorate one of our favorite venues Belcroft Estates & Event Centre.  Trish and I worked on what she wanted for her flowers and decor for over a year and the day had finally come.  This was a full service wedding for Set The Mood Decor; we provided the bridal flowers, ceremony decor and reception decor.  Making Trish’s day a tiny bit more simple.
We were happy to provide all of the bridal flowers.  We started with the idea for the bridesmaids bouquets with a plum tipped rose in the center of the bouquet with plum spider mums around it.  We couldn’t just do one rose as the bouquets would be to tiny so we added a little more but kept the overall idea.  We took that and then planned the brides bouquet with the opposite the mum in the center and then an arrangement of different fall colored flowers around it.  We made a small flower girl bouquet for her daughter and boutonniere’s and corsages to complete the bridal flowers.


For the ceremony we did some sheer white draping at the outdoor pavilion and added a few of the plum bows to tie all of the decor together.  Check out the planters that the bride and groom made!!! I need a pair for my house.


The reception space is a rustic barn so we tried to stay rustic with the colors and decor.  We provided white satin pillowcase style chair covers, for the wedding feel and then plum organza sashes and table runners, bringing in the color.  We did head table draping with icicle lights and full plum organza swag.  The venue is already full of icicle lights so we just added to the look.  Behind the head table we did a small frame of icicle lights and sheer white swag.  It was not a formal backdrop but went with the theme and framed the bride and groom for photo’s at their head table.  It was also setup so that if they wanted to open the large barn window they could, so also still functional.


Congrats to the happy couple!!!


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