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Last weekend we had the pleasure of decorating the Navy Hall in Niagara On The Lake for the first time.  We have been in business for many many years and never had the opportunity to decorate the Navy Hall.

It is a historic site, quaint and cozy for a smaller wedding; so really does not require a lot of decor.

The bride and groom however did what chair covers; which always make a room feel like a wedding.  They opted for the DIY option and put the white satin pillowcase on themselves.

I provided a backdrop which was a big concern for them as the venue has a large historic photo on the back wall with 2 large flags.  They just wanted something a little more neutral to make them the focal point of the evening, as well as to create a nice backdrop for photo’s.  The backdrop that we felt suited the venue and the feel of their wedding best was the triangle style, we completed the look with glitter bands in the couples color, plum.

Also a little simple draping on the head table.

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