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Rustic, Bohemian, Glam and Retro; these are all the styles that we tastefully intertwined to form the basis of this unique wedding concept. We are very happy and are so excited to share this wedding from two weekends ago with everyone.

The wedding took place at the Kortright Conservation Centre in Woodbridge.  I only have rave reviews for the venue and was left extremely impressed with the staff.  They were, warm, professional, organized and extremely helpful!  The venue / setting could not have been any more gorgeous.

The ceremony took place in a beautiful wooded, shady area, which was a perfect setting for this couple to exchange their intimate vows.  We setup an open style backdrop to provide and airy and light focal point behind the bride and groom while allowing the guests a great view of the forest.  We added rushed white chair covers throughout the ceremony for an added touch of elegance.  There were over sized flower arrangements on stumps to complete the look and add a natural element.


The reception took place in the “Glass House” which is already such a striking venue on it’s own but we really wanted to elevate the space to something quite grand.  With a great deal of creative license from the bride, we had the amazing opportunity to showcase the best of our skills and offerings.  This wedding was truly custom and one of a kind, it has left a lasting impression, as we look towards the future of Set the Mood Decor.

To complete the look of the Glass House, our first goal was to add more lanterns to the existing white ones that the venue keeps up year round.  We added peach/coral, gold sparkle/shine and grey lanterns in various sizes to match the color scheme of the table decor, giving the whole room a more cohesive feeling.

With all of the natural dark wood we really wanted to not go to dark with the decor.  We decided that the one dark element would be the grey chair covers with ties attached.

To elevate the space further we were looking for a showstopper that created some glam, so we opted to cover all of the tables with our fancy ivory and gold sequin, lace overlays.  For our touch of retro, the bride presented the great idea of using records as her table numbers.  We loved it! And decided to play off the retro vibe and went for a pinwheel napkin fold with a peach napkin to keep the tabletops looking bright and funky.

The centerpieces truly helped tie everything together using every color in our scheme in a harmonious and elegant way.  Small pops of burgundy were added to ground the tables and tie into the neutrals of the chair covers and the venue itself. All of the flower work was provided by Ballamy Flowers in Brampton. The flowers were the finishing touch and were truly a labor of love.

To complete the head table area we added a small backdrop that featured icicle lights for a more intimate feel later in the evening.  We continued with the icicle lights under the head table, both were quite simply draped, adding extra emphasis to the head table, creating an intimate and exclusive space for the wedding party. .

It was quite a challenge to create these spaces while being outdoors on one of the hottest weekends of the summer but the rewards of seeing our vision come to fruition and the happiness of the Bride and Groom was well worth the effort.

Congrats to Hayley and Andrew and thank you for allowing us to create something so timeless and memorable for you both!