Playful Wedding Glam in a Natural Setting


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Rustic, Bohemian, Glam and Retro; these are all the styles that we tastefully intertwined to form the basis of this unique wedding concept. We are very happy and are so excited to share this wedding from two weekends ago with everyone.

The wedding took place at the Kortright Conservation Centre in Woodbridge.  I only have rave reviews for the venue and was left extremely impressed with the staff.  They were, warm, professional, organized and extremely helpful!  The venue / setting could not have been any more gorgeous.

The ceremony took place in a beautiful wooded, shady area, which was a perfect setting for this couple to exchange their intimate vows.  We setup an open style backdrop to provide and airy and light focal point behind the bride and groom while allowing the guests a great view of the forest.  We added rushed white chair covers throughout the ceremony for an added touch of elegance.  There were over sized flower arrangements on stumps to complete the look and add a natural element.


The reception took place in the “Glass House” which is already such a striking venue on it’s own but we really wanted to elevate the space to something quite grand.  With a great deal of creative license from the bride, we had the amazing opportunity to showcase the best of our skills and offerings.  This wedding was truly custom and one of a kind, it has left a lasting impression, as we look towards the future of Set the Mood Decor.

To complete the look of the Glass House, our first goal was to add more lanterns to the existing white ones that the venue keeps up year round.  We added peach/coral, gold sparkle/shine and grey lanterns in various sizes to match the color scheme of the table decor, giving the whole room a more cohesive feeling.

With all of the natural dark wood we really wanted to not go to dark with the decor.  We decided that the one dark element would be the grey chair covers with ties attached.

To elevate the space further we were looking for a showstopper that created some glam, so we opted to cover all of the tables with our fancy ivory and gold sequin, lace overlays.  For our touch of retro, the bride presented the great idea of using records as her table numbers.  We loved it! And decided to play off the retro vibe and went for a pinwheel napkin fold with a peach napkin to keep the tabletops looking bright and funky.

The centerpieces truly helped tie everything together using every color in our scheme in a harmonious and elegant way.  Small pops of burgundy were added to ground the tables and tie into the neutrals of the chair covers and the venue itself. All of the flower work was provided by Ballamy Flowers in Brampton. The flowers were the finishing touch and were truly a labor of love.

To complete the head table area we added a small backdrop that featured icicle lights for a more intimate feel later in the evening.  We continued with the icicle lights under the head table, both were quite simply draped, adding extra emphasis to the head table, creating an intimate and exclusive space for the wedding party. .

It was quite a challenge to create these spaces while being outdoors on one of the hottest weekends of the summer but the rewards of seeing our vision come to fruition and the happiness of the Bride and Groom was well worth the effort.

Congrats to Hayley and Andrew and thank you for allowing us to create something so timeless and memorable for you both!

Royal Blue and a Dash of Yellow


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The brides favorite colors really brought this wedding to life!  A great setting John Michael’s Banquet Hall; was the venue for this amazing wedding.  We were happy to dress it up with a backdrop, head table and cake table draping with icicle lights and complete the look with brooches at the focal points and some fresh yellow rose petals.

Our crystal centerpieces with a white flower ball and tiny yellow accents were perfect to add a little height to this room.

What a wonderful couple, we wish them all the best in the future!


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A wedding with gold sparkle just like the bride!


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This weekends wedding was full of touches of gold sparkle, very much like the bride.  This weekend we featured our luxury Ivory and Gold Lace over top of  Blush Satin.  Ivory chair covers and blush satin sashes completed the overall look.  The grey napkins just toned down the blush a little for all of the men in the room, you never want to much pink, lol!  A few rustic touches were brought in by the bride as she also have a little country with all of that sparkle.

Congrats Manda and Chris on your special day.

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Completely Custom Wedding Decor


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We had the pleasure a few weeks ago doing a completely custom setup for a wonderful bride and groom.  Her vision started with, grey, silver, ivory and blush. She loved the grey sateen chair covers with ties attached – as they go nicely in the room and accent with the stone wall.  She also loved the blush satin table clothes so she opted to upgrade to these linens from what the venue offered.  After choosing those two decor pieces all the other elements just started to come together.

Her invitations had lace so it was important that we incorporate a little lace into the entire vision.  We did so with lace wraps around the skinny vases around the main centerpiece which glowed once the floating candles were lit.  This was also carried onto the larger cylinder vases in the pockets of the stone wall.

The pockets are a large focal point at this particular venue.  Instead of doing a full backdrop and covering the pockets, we decided to try a new draping style and instead create a backdrop around the wall pockets.  Anything that goes into the pockets needs to really be size appropriate, as they are very large.  We had a little riser covered with a blush satin table cloth, a candelabra and the two cylinder vases with lace to bring everything that was in the guest area to behind the head table.

The head table and backdrop were draped with our champagne voile, to give a little contrast, instead of your basic ivory.  Icicle lights are on the head table for that romantic lighting feel that is so popular this year.  The guest tables have a silver candelabra and smaller candles to accessorize the table and complete the table scape.

Congrats to the bride and groom and happy planning to the future brides and grooms!

Grey / Pink and a Wine Theme


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This past weekend it was our pleasure to decorate for some amazing brides.  The first one that we are going to feature had a clear vision and color palette.

This bride was doing a wine theme, but just with a few accessories like the cork letters that you see on the head table and the amazing cheese wheel cake.

We provided upgraded specialty grey table clothes for a little extra wow, white satin pillowcase style chair covers, grey organza sashes.  A fancy style backdrop, head table and cake table draped in white sheer voile with icicle lights and rhinestone brooches to complete the look.

Venue:  Stone Mill Ballroom

Centerpiece: Watering Can

Simple, Elegant and Romantic – Congrats to the Bride and Groom!

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Ivory, Teal and Orchid Wedding


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Last weekend was a busy one, but it was also so fabulous that we had to share a bunch of great photo’s.

It was our pleasure to be a part of this wedding at Club Italia in Niagara Falls.  We draped the head table, cake table and backdrop in our champagne sheer voile, that gives a great contrast when working with ivory.  Large swoops were created as this is one of the main things that the bride loved and we didn’t forget to adorn the focal points with some nice large rhinestone brooches.  Don’t forget the romantic feel that the icicle lights create.

The centerpieces were some of my favorite flowers, turquoise dendrobium orchids, which always impress!  Three stems in a flask vase on a mirror with a floating ivory candle and three ivory candle votives.  Romantic, simple but the perfect pop of color.  The finishing touches like the orchid blooms on the cake and across the front of the head table are the small stuff but always important to bring the whole look together and make the day special for each bride.

Congrats to this bride and groom, we wish them all the best in their future as husband and wife.

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Blush, Grey, Lace and Canopies – the ultimate mix!


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Over a year of planning this gorgeous wedding from this past weekend  at Legends Niagara and we were so happy to see it come together.  The bride wanted to do something different but with a very romantic feel, and why not a canopy for something different.

She wanted herself and her new husband to share this special time together and opted for a sweetheart table and a romantic, intimate canopy.  The canopy was draped in all sheer white material and had some fresh roses attached at the ties, bringing the look together.

The sweetheart table was adorned with our blush satin table clothes and white lace with silver sequin overlays, several brooches at the focal points and her lanterns down in the front; which was a large part of the theme.

She wanted her bridesmaids and groomsmen to sit with their significant others so that they could enjoy the evening together, and opted to put them at two rounds just beside the head table.  To make certain that these tables stood out there was a blush satin table clothes and white lace with silver sequin overlays and additional blush satin sashes on the chair covers.

Last but certainly not least we got to feature our sateen/poly grey chair covers with ties already attached.

Simple but elegant!  The centerpieces where wood slices, lanterns, fresh blush roses in small ornate glass containers, candles and rose petals.  Sophisticated, romantic and modern.  All of the details and little touches really brought everything together.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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Ceremony and Reception Decor – the start of 2015


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It was our pleasure to decorate a gorgeous wedding full of bling and elegance; this weekend.

The ceremony and reception where at the Stone Mill Ballroom in St. Catharines.  The venue is known for the gorgeous stone wall that we tried to work into the draping and still show off.

The ceremony entrance had a little extra flare with some draping that was later turned into the reception backdrop.

We use white rusched chair covers to fancy up the whole look, along with a full rhinestone overlay for the head table.

Another great start to 2015!

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White and Silver Lace Sparkle Head Table and Fresh Flowers


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White and Silver Lace Sparkle Head Table and Fresh Flowers to start of the wedding season and the spring!

This wedding took place and the Stone Mill Ballroom in St. Catharines and it was an afternoon wedding reception.  We provided fresh flower centerpieces, 3 stems of premium white hydrangeas, 6 stems of white roses with scattered rose petals around, no candlelight for during the day.  A little details that brought in the brides lavender and purple, was a dried sprig of lavender at each place setting, nicely tucked into the tied napkin with the guest’s name.

The Stone Mill has large pockets right behind the head table, very large.  We created fresh flower arrangements for these pockets, they were about 1 meter in size, but filled the pockets perfectly.

The head table was our newest head table option, with a fancy lace overlay, this one was white and silver over a white table cloth.  This option is very fancy and a great alternative if you do not like full draping.

The brides and bridesmaids then placed their bouquets on the head table to complete the look.  The bouquets consisted of; roses, bouvardia, dendrobium orchids, freesia, alstro, tulips and mini calla lilies all in white with a bit of dried lavender.  It was very delicate and was made to match the brides dress perfectly and her delicate theme.

Congrats to this fabulous bride a groom, we wish theme a wonderful journey in life!

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Ivory and Campagne with Crystal – Trendy!


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We are starting out on our 2015 wedding season and we couldn’t be more excited.  This past weekend started one of the largest 2015 trends – which is IVORY; we are starting to see less and less white this year.

This gorgeous reception took place at the Stone Mill Ballroom in St. Catharines and Set The Mood Decor provided ivory poly-sateen chair covers with a tie already attached.  We then did our classic draping for the head table and cake table with icicle lights in a sheer champagne voile.

Set The Mood Decor Set The Mood Decor


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