Santa’s Visit at Balls Falls Conservation Area


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This year it was our pleasure to decorate for Santa’s visit to Balls Falls Conservation Area.  There was a backdrop with red and white hanging icicles for Santa to sit in front of and take photo’s with all of the children.

Two trees decorated to match, some garlands, wreaths and other door accessories to bring in the festive cheer.

We can’t wait to offer more decor for the holiday season next year!  We hope everyone is getting into the festive spirit!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 2014


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Every year we have the pleasure of decorating at Club Capri in Thorold for their holiday season.  Since they have 2 halls and the lobby we always setup and decorate 3 trees.

The lobby tree we went a little nontraditional with turquoise white a silver and bronze, our gorgeous white skirt and then a few accessories just to bring the whole lobby together.

The 2 traditional trees were classic silver, gold, red, burlap and pine cones, the natural trend that is very popular this year.

We have another holiday event in a couple of weeks and are really considering doing some holiday packages for next year. 20141113_14155420141113_14161920141113_14153920141113_14140320141113_14164820141113_14151620141113_14134620141113_141506

Champagne Blush Gold Wedding – Ending the Year with a Bang!!!


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We are ending the 2014 year with a BANG!  It was our final wedding for 2014 this past Saturday at the Hilton Fallsview and it was beautiful.  A big trend that we will see more of next year, is the blush, champagne, ivory color palette.

Set The Mood Decor was happy to do all of the draping in our champagne rose color option; backdrop, head table, cake table and receiving table.  We adorned the focal points with rose gold rhinestone brooches, which are new for the upcoming season.  The bride opted for the simpler triangle style backdrop.

We also created a ceremony backdrop and large flower arrangements to cover the venues wall and create a focal point for the bride and groom and their photo’s for this special time in their lives.

Along with the huge over sized ceremony arrangements we also created large centerpieces with the classic hydrangea, ivory and blush roses.  Their bridal flowers with ivory and blush roses, which matched the whole theme perfectly.

We wish the bride and groom all the best! and we are very happy to have been a part of their special day.


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Our last rustic wedding for the year, featuring our large burlap flowers


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This bride wanted to do something a little different!  She opted in making her own burlap bouquets which turned out amazing, so we came up with the idea to do large burlap flowers at the focal points of the head table, cake table and backdrop.  The just completed the look without adding to much rustic and keeping it elegant!  What a great way to end the fall season!!!20141101_135820_Richtone(HDR) 20141101_140008 20141101_135719 20141101_135524 20141101_135619 20141101_140017 20141101_135952_LLS

Fall Sticks and Apples another Thanksgiving Wedding


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Another wonderful wedding Thanksgiving weekend, with a completely different look.  A fall theme but very subtle with the love of navy blue added.  This bride knew exactly the look that she wanted and added a few fall touches.  We provided the chair covers, navy blue organza sashes, head table / cake table draping and backdrop.  The Watering Can provided the centerpieces with the fall look and height coming from the curly willows and the candy apples and cake from Bella Cakes.  Really what is more fall then local apples made into candy apples!

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Fall Colors for Fall Weddings


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Fall weddings are some of the most vibrant, rustic, yet colorful of the entire year.  Thanksgiving weekend is a great time to have a wedding with all of the family there to share special memories.  We had the pleasure of sharing this gorgeous day with an amazing bride and groom.

We not only got to make rustic, elegant, large centerpieces but we also go to use our new fancy ivory lace overlays!

The bridal bouquets were made to match with our two favorite types of roses, black magic and bi color yellow and orange.

Don’t miss all of the little details in the photo’s.  Larger taller centerpieces adorned the corners of the kings table, bringing the centerpieces down and creating a cohesive look throughout the room.  Not to mention our favorite, lots of rose petals everywhere.  It’s all the little touches that really bring a whole room together.


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Blue vs. Blue


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This weekend was a weekend dedicated to Royal blue but two completely different looks.

The first wedding was a country rustic wedding with a pop of yellow.  For the wedding we provided chair covers, sashes and head table draping with icicle lights.

The second wedding was white with just a pop of the royal blue. We provide chair covers,  head table draping,  backdrop, napkin rings and centerpieces.

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Elegant and Classy Black and White with Glitter and Rhinestones


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This past wedding was a pleasure! 

It was our first kings table and it turned out absolutely perfect; with a very elegant overlay on top of the table that just sparkled and draping with another overlay on the front of the table to just bring in a little more sparkle.  The best part about a kings table is that you have all of the room in the center to adorn the table with beautiful accessories and more candlelight as well as the opportunity to speak with your whole bridal party.  We think the kings table will continue to be a huge trend.

We framed out the gorgeous table with a fancy style backdrop and included rhinestone brooches at all of the focal points of the backdrop and the tables to complete the overall look and tie the whole theme together.

There were so many details at this wedding and the details really make the whole look come alive.  We draped all of the receiving tables, cake table, candy table with standard draping and crystal brooches.  We also setup all of the extra pieces for the bride.  The gifts that were all wrapped and the escort cards in the sparkle frames, not to mentioned the gorgeous tree with hanging lights.

The black sashes brought in the final piece to complete the black and white look.

We have included many photo’s so that you can also enjoy all of the details.  Congrats to the wonderful bride and groom as they head into the sparkle sunset!!!

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Light Pink and Navy a great color combo

Today we are featuring a wedding from 2 weeks ago and the colors were amazing.  The bride and groom chose to use navy blue and light pink at their accent color, and it was a great mix.

Set The Mood Decor provided our fancy style backdrop, tiered head table with icicle lights and sheer white voile draping with rhinestone brooches at the focal points and cake table to match.

We also provided the centerpieces, small square vases with white hydrangeas and pale pink roses, the blue napkins really brought out the pink.

As well as the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids, ivory roses and light pink roses to contract the navy blue bridesmaids dresses.

Attached are just a few shots of the bride and grooms fabulous day.  We wish this family all the best in their future endeavors.



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Corals and peaches with perfect lighting


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Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of decorating at Roma ‘ s Hospitality Center in Mississauga.  This venue offers an amazing in house lighting system.  You will notice different lighting throughout the photos as it slowly changes.

Our chandelier backdrop matched perfectly with all of the rest of the chandeliers in the room.

This bride wanted colored satin accents on her head table and backdrop; we had so many emails trying to decide if we should do coral or peach.  In the end we mixed the colors together and it turned out perfectly.

Set The Mood Decor provided head table and cake table draping,  backdrop chandelier and mini chandeliers for the head table.   We completed the focal points with coral and peach swags and brooches.


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